Percal Textile was founded in 2017 by Duygu Besnili, who has been Hotel Room’s division manager for international hotels for nearly thirty years.

By combining the art of hospitality with professionalism, Percale Textile aims to increase sleep comfort within the framework of personal consultancy.
With the slogan “We make you experience a luxurious hotel in your home,” Percal Textile launched its first store in Istanbul. Percal Textile designs the bed and bath textiles of large enterprises such as hotels, spas, and restaurants worldwide, from 100% Turkish cotton, is also in Beşiktaş Arnavutköy. From duvet covers, towels, and bathrobes to table textile, we provide numerous designs that feature many fabrics, colors, patterns, and monograms consistent with any user’s requirements, with quality and professional consultancy services.

Percal Textile